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Ii) Si yo vivo, DOBLAR vos he la soldada (OS) If 1 live, DOUBLE you I-have the wages 'If I live, I will double your pay'. Auxiliaries and the structure of IP constituents 29 1. 4. 1. Auxiliary inversion and the ECP Let us now consider the underlying representation of examples (63), assuming (a) the structure of Romanian auxiliary constructions proposed previously and (b) that the relevant type of movement is head movement of the verb. The hypothesis in (b) is underspecified, and this allows two distinct possibilities concerning the element affected by movement.

38 It is however reasonable to assume that participial VPs are governed by an Infi node (see Kayne (1987)), which has not been inserted in (43); if this hypothesis is correct, we must explain why, in Romance languages other than Romanian, participial Infi is not an adequate host for clitics (be they pronouns or auxiliaries). One may suggest that Infi can be a host for clitics only if it triggers V-to-I movement, but not if it is subject to Affix-hopping. If this is correct, we would have to show that in Romance languages other than Romanian, participial Infi is subject to Affixhopping.

4. 3. Inverted conjugations and relativized minimality Let us now assume Rizzi's (1990: 7) relativized definition of the ECP, which imposes a stronger condition for the case at hand: (76) Relativized Minimality: X a-govems [a-governs = th- or antecedent-governs] Y only if there is no Ζ such that: (i) Ζ is a typical potential a-governor for Y; (ii) Ζ c-commands Y and does not c-command X. Consider again (65): the auxiliary is a potential antecedent governor for the trace of the raised verb, 39 and by virtue of (76) this would lead to an ECP violation.

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