By Marion Fox

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Then came the jagged edges battered into silence. The mute appeal of the thing, the suggestion of a cry suddenly broken in its utterance caught at some sort of response in the kneeling girl. ‘Of your charity . ’ said the little brass again. The marks of the nails could clearly be seen, the nails which had fastened the scroll below the feet of the nameless priest. The sun shifted still a little. The shape of the tonsured head came into view; the erasure of all detail, ornament, whatever had been, spoke of selflessness however much enforced.

It wore a more communicative mood now that Aunt Ellen was not present. The difference her personality made was rather remarkable. Armstrong proceeded to the library with feelings of relief. That also was tenantless. He warmed himself before the fire. Like all the other rooms in the house, it was notably wanting in personality; it revealed nothing of tastes or inclinations. There were not even any photographs. Looking round desperately for traces of the departed mistress of the place he found no answering sign there.

If there had been a disturbance of the silence it had ceased. The sun had passed from the battered brasses; the weaving of strange lights and shadows had all gone. There was nothing in the church but the girl alone. 44 VI Strange Conversation Between Two Chairs A RMSTRONG AND THE BOY walked home very quickly, urged on by the former’s newly-awakened curiosity. There was still half an hour before lunch-time. None of the family were about. The house was utterly silent and seemingly unoccupied. It wore a more communicative mood now that Aunt Ellen was not present.

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