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This intriguing new sequence makes use of colourful photos, basic textual content labels, and enjoyable "I secret agent" video games to introduce curious preschoolers to the area.

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But he did not think blacks had deep feelings and great minds. Jefferson thought slavery was evil and harmed both slaves and masters. He did not think whites and blacks could live together. He suggested that African Americans should be sent away to another country. 34 Fifteen years earlier, Jefferson had written in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” But he did not think blacks were equal to whites. Benjamin offered his almanac as proof that blacks and whites are equal.

Jefferson welcomed proof that blacks are equal to other people. He wrote that he wanted to improve life for blacks. Jefferson wrote this letter to Benjamin on August 30, 1791. 35 He told Benjamin he was sending the almanac to the Academy of Sciences in Paris, France. This was a great honor. People would now learn about Benjamin and his almanac. The almanac was first printed in Baltimore. It sold many copies. The almanac included a letter from Senator James McHenry of Maryland. McHenry wrote that Banneker was a free black and had done the ephemeris for the almanac.

C. Benjamin used it to help lay out the city. 31 4 BANNEKER’S ALMANACS W hen Benjamin returned home, he finished an ephemeris for a 1792 Almanac. C. He also took his work to printers in Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 32 George Ellicott and his brother Elias wanted to see Benjamin’s almanac printed. They believed it would show that blacks are as smart as whites. It was important to show the talents of an African American. The Ellicotts hoped that Banneker’s almanac might even help stop slavery.

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