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Makes a pleasant present for an aviation or a chilly struggle fanatic.

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The Izdeliye 64-125 was originally intended to be based on the BA-20 armored hull, shortened and modified to fit the GAZ-64 chassis, however, on 23rd August 1941 VA. Grachev and other GAZ engineers were shown a captured German SdKfz 221 medium armored car at the NIIBT Polygon at Kubinka near Moscow. The vehicle had been recovered intact and was of sufficient interest that early the following month it was sent to the GAZ plant for more detailed examination by Grachev and his team. Several features of the SdKfz 221 impressed the group, particularly the highly faceted armor configuration, though the BA-62 (LB-62) developed to prototype stage at Vyksa (the Vyksinsky plant) two years previously also had a similar configuration.

S. Dodge design and producing 76hp (57kW) with considerable torque compared to earlier GAZ powerplants. The resulting high power/ weight ratio combined with the 4x4 configuration and the use of new all-terrain tires gave the vehicle good offroad performance compared with its predecessors, despite the vehicle's overall weight. The B A-NATFs 57km/hour road speed was adequate for a scout vehicle, however, it had high fuel consumption and consequent poor range for the amount of fuel carried. The BA-NATI was considered less successful than the LB-62 as it had thinner frontal armor and was slower than the LB-62.

The winter camouflage on this original BA-64 is well-worn. The desant infantry give a good perspective as to the diminutive size of the BA-64. The same BA-64 as above, from the rear. Several boxes are tied to the rear of the vehicle, above the spare wheel mounting bracket. The vehicle is following a KV-IS or KV-85 heavy tank. 60 shipped to GAZ where they were assembled for field trials of the new vehicle, still at this time designated Izdeliye-64-125 or GAZ-64-125. Field trials began on 9th January 1942.

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