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Albert Einstein is among the such a lot influential scientist and maximum physicist of the 20th century. He revolutionized our rules approximately time and area and is better recognized for his idea of relativity and his equation E=mc^2, and is the reason the connection among power and mass. through age 30, he was once thought of through many to be one of many world's maximum clinical thinkers.

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E. the ratios of the concentrations 6 7 per unit weight of lipid and per unit weight of ambient water) calculated for individual congeners (typically in the order of 1 0 to 1 0 ) are in agreement with their high lipophilicity. Similarly, they are strongly related to the octanol-water distribution coefficients, K o . w The actual concentration levels in biological tissue are strongly affected by the rates of uptake and elimination. The physiological state of the organisms and the content and speciation of the lipids are important factors which have to be taken into account when interpreting seasonal or regional variation.

Int. Explor. , 185, 3 9 - 6 6 . YANG JIMING (1982). An estimate of the fish biomass of the North Sea. / . Cons. int. Explor. , 40, 1 6 1 - 1 7 2 . 2 Distribution of anthropogenic organic compounds in the North Sea: an overview PROFESSOR J C DUINKER Institute for Marine Science, University of Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany Introduction Many natural and anthropogenic organic compounds occur in the marine environment. e. chemicals occurring at concentrations above natural levels. Whether a particular compound has to be considered as a pollutant depends on its effects in the field.

Int. Explor. Mer, Copenhagen, 174 pp. ICES (1978). The biology, distribution and state of exploitation of shared stocks in the North Sea area. Coop. Res. Rep. Int. Counc. Explor. Sea, No. 74, 81 pp. ICES (1983). Flushing times in the North Sea. Coop. Res. Rep. Int. Counc. Explor. Sea, No. 123, 159 pp. ICES (1986a). Bull Stat Pêches Mark, Cons. int. Explor. Mer, 68, 109 pp. ICES (1986b). Reports of the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management 1985. Coop. Res. Rep. Int. Counc. Explor. Sea, No.

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