By Dagmar Haumann

This monograph presents an in-depth research of the structural integration and the licensing of adverbs when it comes to clause constitution, with detailed emphasis at the structural implementation of the relation among the location and interpretation of adverbs. The publication substantiates the speculation that the licensing of adverbs inside and around the 3 layers of the clause is contingent on specifier-head contract and that edition within the linear order of adverbs and different components of the clause follows from the interaction of a small variety of elements. The imperative claims made are: useful projections website hosting adverbs usually are not limited to the inflectional and complementizer layer of the clause, but additionally play a crucial position within the shaping of the lexical layer; postverbal adverbs are learned inside of a semantically empty verbal projection and authorized lower than specifier head contract through proxy; and adverbs that take place in the complementizer layer of the clause achieve this through both move or merge.

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He always carefully cleans his glasses. (sister to V) (sister to VP) Sportiche (1988) argues that subject-oriented adverbs, which according to Jackendoff (1972:90), are taken to be two-place predicates which modify both the subject and the propositional content of their clause, are adjacent to both the subject and "to some syntactic constituent equal to or larger than V' " (cf. Sportiche 1988:431). However, since a subject-oriented adverb like cleverly in (17a) cannot be simultaneously adjoined to NP and IP, the structural requirements imposed by the Adjunct Projection Principle cannot be met.

Laenzlinger 1996:109). In cases in which a given head hosts either only A-features or A'-features, only one specifier can be licensed. Starting with the observation that quantifier raising of combien (how much) may proceed across preverbal rapidement (rapidly), sérieusement (seriously) and courageusement (courageously) in (80), but is blocked by preverbal souvent (often), déjà (already) and beaucoup (a lot) in (81), Laenzlinger (1996:106) proposes a two-way classification of adverbial operators in (82):38 42 (79) ADVERB LICENSING AND CLAUSE STRUCTURE IN ENGLISH XP egi i A'-Spec X'2 (A'-Spec) 2 A-Spec X'1 2 X0 Compl (adapted from Laenzlinger 1996:109) (80) Combieni as- tu {rapidement, sérieusement, courageusement} how muchi have-you {quickly, seriously, courageously} lu [ti de livres de Chomsky]?

Yesterday did Peter dance. ) Since [DP Peter] occupies the specifier position of IP, [AdvP yesterday] in (99a) cannot be adjoined to the IP, but must adjoin to the projection of a covert head above [IP Peter danced]. Never in (99b) may be adjoined to the projection headed by the auxiliary has since that projection has not yet been adjoined to: (100) a. [XP [AdvP yesterday] [X' [X ] [IP [DP Peter] [I' [I ] [VP danced]]]]] b.

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