By Robert Gardner

What is friction? what's the coriolis strength? younger scientists will discover the physics of forces and movement with the nice experiments during this booklet. Full-color illustrations spotlight key issues to make technological know-how a snap! Many experiments are through rules for technological know-how reasonable tasks. aid scholars ace their subsequent physics venture or try!

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Cut them to the standard length you chose and weigh them. Is blond hair always lighter or heavier than black hair? Science Fair Project Idea What other investigations can you carry out with your sensitive balance? Can you find a way to make your balance even more sensitive—that is, to make it respond to even smaller weights? 5 What Is the Coriolis Force? Materials: sheet of cardboard scissors tape turntable pen or pencil sink or bathtub and water You may have heard that because of the Coriolis force, water always spirals clockwise down a bathtub drain in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

The same force gives the same acceleration each time, but the speed keeps changing. You have to keep chasing after the ball to keep your hand on it because you are speeding it up all the time with the same acceleration. You probably also have enough experience with balls to know that the heavier the ball is, the harder it is for you to throw it to get the same acceleration. In other words, the same push given to a billiard ball and a bowling ball will cause the much lighter billiard ball to go much farther.

If you have mercury thermometers, ask an adult to take them to a local mercury thermometer exchange location. Never engage in horseplay or play practical jokes. Read through the entire experimental procedure to make sure you understand all instructions. Clear extra items from your work space. At the end of every activity, clean all materials and put them away. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Chapter 1 The Three Laws of Motion Image Credit: Shutterstock ISAAC NEWTON (1642–1727), ONE OF THE MOST EMINENT SCIENTIFIC INTELLECTUALS OF ALL TIME, WAS THE FOREMOST FOUNDER OF MODERN SCIENCE.

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