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Furthermore, if the results of laws on consumer expenses are excluded, it truly is most unlikely to investigate financial coverage results. bankruptcy 2 examines the crucial components of legislation that have an effect on person expenditures. for instance, reserve requisites, as administered via the Federal Reserve, act as a tax on monetary agencies so coated. Required reserves earn no go back to the monetary enterprise and there's foregone profit. Deposit assurance raises the person fee of servicing deposits to the banks. rate of interest laws position limits on rates of interest on time de­ posits, or restrict funds on call for deposits in the course of a part of the interval studied. Underlying some of these are the open industry operations of the Federal Reserve, and their results on rates of interest and the amounts of monetary items. bankruptcy 2 unearths that earlier paintings at the estimation of financial institution tech­ nologies is incomplete, and that the rules require modelling as part of the revenue maximizing constitution. 1.3 person price Derivation bankruptcy three discusses the development of consumer charges. those are derived for the prone from all resources or liabilities on a financial institution stability sheet or showing at the source of revenue assertion. The person rate formula allows items to be categorised as outputs and inputs. people with a favorable consumer expense, the place charges according to unit exceed sales in step with unit, are inputs. The unit for monetary items similar to loans or deposits is one greenback in line with interval. items with a adverse consumer fee, with bills falling under profit in keeping with unit, are outputs.

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However, the long-run model will be required in order to determine the correct shadow rental rates of the short-run model. 8Because of data constraints, our time interval in the empirical model will be set at one year. 9The assumption of cost minimizing behavior is objectionable, because of the difficulty in justifying the exogeneity of the vector of outputs. 1) with u an Ni + N2 dimensional vector of nominal user costs for the financial firm's balance sheet holdings during period t. The first Ni user costs will be for the Ni types of assets held by the firm.

T, i = 1, ... 3) For the variable profit function, in real terms U,t -'-' Pt R t - hi,t l+Rt ' i=I, ... ,Nt . 5) Since if Ui,t > 0 variable profit is reduced and if Ui,t < 0 it is increased, the former condition classifies good i as an input and the latter as an output. This classification rule is a solution to the classification problem discussed in Chapter 2. For application to financial services, the holding costs hi (with the time subscript suppressed) are specialized to include interest rates, reserve requirements, and service charges.

If we consider input k, its commodity share of value added (}k is negative. 11(i» that 7]kk ~ 0, so 7]kk(}k ~ O. 12) m=l,m;tl Similarly for output j, N L ~ o. m=l ,m;tl Although the comparative statics for cross effects are indeterminate, we can test to determine whether the above adding up properties and symmetry conditions are satisfied in an econometric estimation of the model. For further analysis of cross effects we have to examine empirical point estimates. Above we developed a model of financial firm behavior that simultaneously determines input demands, output supplies, and asset and liability holding decisions.

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