By Tasaku Tsunoda

Warrongo is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language that was once spoken in northeast Australia. This quantity is essentially in response to the wealthy facts recorded from the final fluent speaker. It information the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. specifically, it presents a very scrutinizing description of syntactic ergativity - a phenomenon that's infrequent one of the world's language. It additionally exhibits that, in contrast to another Australian languages, Warrongo has noun words which are configurational. total this quantity exhibits what could be documented of a language that has just one speaker.

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Tindale (1974: 188) lists Warungu, 'WaruJ]u, and Warrialgona. But he comments: 'The suggested Warrialgona equation is doubtful'. The meaning of Warrialgona is not known- if such a word exists at all. 2-[1] for more on the word Warrialgona. ollins (cf. 2) referred to his language as Warrongo and also as Gobobarra. The noun gobo means 'lear, and the suffix -barra 'denizen of, belonging to, associated with' (cf. 1-[1]). Therefore, literally gobobarra means 'person(s) of a place with [lots of] leaves'.

For example, in terms of K. L. Hale's 99-item core vocabulary for Australian languages (cf. 3), Warrongo shares 46% with Jirrbal, 39% with Girramay, 42% with Warrgamay, and 27% with Nyawaygi. ) No doubt Warrongo and the languages of Herbert River Group are mutually unintelligible. Alf Palmer stated that Jirrbal is 'hard'. Reciprocally, Dixon (1970: 662; cf. e. Jirrbal, Girramay, etc. - TT] always refer to Warui]U as a very "difficult" language, far harder for them to speak and understand than Wargamay...

Ul /waqu/ /waqu/ (i) laminal (i-i) ljl-lg! 'head' 'to bite' lbaja/ (JI) 'to cook' (i-ii) ITJI-Ip! xga/ /~a/ (b-3) (i) lamina! (i-i) ljl-lg! ul (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (i-ii) ITJI-Ip! il 'meat, animal' (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (iii) rhotic+stop- stop+stop 'echidna' lbadbiqa/ 'to enter' /~dga/ (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (GNY, MA) Territory and neighbouring languages 13 The correspondences in (i) involve a laminal consonant. In (i-i), kJI of (b-2) and (b-3) corresponds to kJI of Gujal and Gugu-Badhun, and to ljl of Warrongo.

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