By Missouri Dalton

Within the cursed urban of Var Eldore, perched on a mountaintop surrounded via a frigid swamp, the rain by no means stops. Former excitement slave Myr lives in hiding, attempting to remain a step sooner than his captor. yet there’s extra to Myr than he realizes, and future has different plans for him. quickly, he counts squaddies, spies, nobles, and wizards between his allies. Their aim is to oppose the king and those that perpetuate slavery, and struggle for the liberty in their land. As they discover secrets and techniques and conspiracies, each one extra tangled than the final, Myr additionally discovers he has precise talents to help their cause—the Redeemers.

As the power of the Redeemers grows, so does the variety of enemies they need to face. every one member in their alliance has his or her personal demons to conflict, and Myr needs to confront the reality approximately himself and develop into the chief they want. along his lover Ryall and the folks who've turn into his family—as good as a few not going friends—Myr and the Redeemers needs to arrange for battle. in the event that they fall, town within the rain will keep on with.

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The man garnered too much enjoyment from Myr’s suffering to let him escape so easily. Thomas loathed losing his toys. ” As Thomas spoke, Myr could see His Lordship—Lord Roderick, Ryall’s father—smirking out of the corner of his eye. ” Myr stood, and Thomas slapped him with an open palm across the face. Myr lowered his gaze and stared at his shoes. They were leather, hard soled, made for withstanding the weather. The floor beneath his shoes was tiled in blue. It was easier to resist the urge he felt to flee if he kept a catalogue of these small details.

He cried in starts between gasps. He could barely breathe as they dragged him into the open. The taller of the two had a scarred cheek; he wrapped an arm around Myr’s chest and dragged him to a standing position. The people in the shop found more interesting things to look at. No one was going to stand up for a pleasure slave. As the men dragged Myr out of the shop, the shorter one ran into a man as he was coming in. “Sorry, milord,” the short one grumbled at the lord he’d bumped into. Myr looked up and straight into the lord’s deep blue eyes—and the man looked straight back at Myr.

Down the street, a couple of street children were throwing rocks at each other. One of them, a small blond boy, reminded Myr of himself as a boy. He’d been a happy child, even though his mother had died when he was born, leaving him with his father. They hadn’t had a lot, but they’d been happy. He’d never understood why his father had sold him and had never forgiven him for it. The rain was getting heavier. ” Myr started to turn when a figure in the rain caught his eye. The silhouette was familiar—broad shoulders, dark hair, and a flash 46 Missouri Dalton of bright blue eyes—but just as quickly as he came, he was gone.

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