By Sara Ahbel-Rappe, Rachana Kamtekar

This spouse explores the profound impression of Socrates at the historical past of Western philosophy and gives an in-depth dialogue of a few of the methods to his philosophy.

Written by way of an excellent overseas crew of students, the amount covers the complete diversity of Socratic reviews from the traditional international to the current day. The individuals assessment Socrates’ lifestyles and key philosophical doctrines linked to him; they research Socrates’ position within the better philosophical traditions of the Hellenistic international, the Roman Empire, the Arabic international, the Renaissance, and modern Europe; and so they give some thought to interdisciplinary topics corresponding to Socrates and Nietzsche, Socrates and psychoanalysis, and representations of Socrates in artwork.

This designated better half may also help readers to appreciate the which means and importance of Socrates around the a long time.

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Apology 24a, 37b). Moreover, there are thematic ties to Phaedo (Theaetetus 144e–145a, 145c–d, 154c, 173e–174a, 176a–b, 205c). By discussing Theaetetus in dramatic order, I make no claims about when it was written, though I reject the so-called developmental hypothesis that Plato’s views evolved in some linear way: Plato tendered positions tentatively, leaving them open for revision, and returned to them repeatedly to address material for various purposes (Nails 1995: 219–31). Theaetetus translated by John McDowell.

Still, what disturbs is Nietzsche’s sweeping claim that makes the last great Attic tragedian the hangman of the genre, reducing him to little more than a tool of Socrates. Anyone who discusses the problem of Socrates and Euripides will want to avoid the Scylla of succumbing too readily to the prejudice Nietzsche tries to induce in his readers; but likewise, one should steer clear of the Charybdis of dismissing Nietzsche out of hand in a misguided attempt to defend Euripides against the charge. As if he needed defending.

W. (1968, 1971). The Law of Athens. Volume I: The Family and Property. Volume II: Procedure. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Reissued 1998 by Hackett Publishing Co. with a foreword by Douglas M. MacDowell. Remains unsurpassed for the details of the issues that arise in connection with the trial and execution of Socrates. Kraut, R. (1984). Socrates and the State. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Examines Socrates’ attitude toward democracy, arguing that living an examined life would require Socrates, if he disobeyed a law, to persuade a court that he had been right to disobey.

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