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Небольшая книга на английском языке с идеями детских развлечений. Описаны несколько подвижных игр и идеи поделок. Contents:- Tent urban- Scratch photographs- Stick or choose- cleaning soap Sculptures- Waxy Nature photographs- Pinecone humans- Paper Plate paintings- Water Globes- Eggshell Pencil Holder- university- colour and a Shave- Sock Puppet- Friendship Bracelet- force Me loopy- Im In enterprise- clothier store- version baby- shall we visit college- name Me- Inchworm- Library- be aware seek

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A set of photocopiable actions for English periods, with teacher's notes containing feedback for extensions and extra perform. The actions can be utilized to complement current classes or to revise particular language.

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Иллюстрации мостов всего Мира - книжка-раскраска. Старый Лондонский мост, мост Вздохов , Бруклинский мост , мост Золотые ворота и мн. др. Illustrations depict outdated London Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and smooth masterpieces—the Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

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Let the ribbon ends hang down. Hook the two ends of the sparkle stem through the top of the brush or the bristles to form a hanger. Cover the handle with glue, and wrap it with ribbon. Trim off any extra ribbon once the handle is covered. Write a word or your name on the handle with glue and seed beads. Let dry. Cover the bristles of the brush with glue and layers of colorful pony beads. Let dry. Hang the colorful hairbrush on your wall, and clip barrettes and hair clips to the ribbons to organize them.

New York: Kingfisher Books, 2002. Lewis, Barbara A. The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference. Edited by Pamela Espeland. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Publishing, 1995. Martin, Laura C. Recycled Crafts Box. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing, 2004. Wilcox, Charlotte. Recycling. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 2007. 46 46 Tips for Kids 1 Don’t litter. 1 Bring unwanted clothes to a local thrift shop. 1 M ake sure trash can lids are on tight before setting cans by the curb.

Glue on the doll outfit. Let dry. Decorate the dress using the collage materials. Steps to make the envelope: Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Trim the sides wider than the card. Glue two sides together. Let dry. Punch two holes through the top of the open side. Thread a piece of ribbon through the holes, and tie in a bow to close. If you unwrap a present carefully, you can wrap another gift with the paper. You can also use the paper to make cards, envelopes, or other fun things! 41 Display Bird Materials: wood or plastic paddle from paddle ball game 12-inch (30-cm) orange pipe cleaner wiggle eye orange felt scrap craft feather thin craft ribbon paper clip ruler scissors white craft glue 42 Steps: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Fold the felt scrap in half.

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